The Human-Tech Factor of Cyber Security

Τhe 10th iteration of the definitive conference about digital security and data protection, in Greece!

The Infocom Security Conference -the largest event about Cyber Security and Data Protection in Greece- has made it to its 10th iteration. It’s a reference event for developments in Cyber Security, where every year all such trends are presented, in a professional way that focuses on businesses and organizations, but interesting to the wider scientific and research community as well.

The 10th Infocom Security, to take place on 1 & 2 July 2020 in Dais Conference Center, in Marousi, will also have an overviewing approach, highlighting the total evolutionary course of the Information Security industry -in all its versions- focusing of course in today’s challenges, strategies and protection models in policies, services, technologies and complete solutions developed for digital security.

The Human-Centric factor in Cyber Security!

This year, the conference’s main concept will focus on the effect of the human and technological factors combination, typically phrased as “Human-Tech Factor”, both on shaping today’s cyberthreats landscape, as well as the effort to manage and totally deal with online risks.

The adoption of any new technologies in ICT, and the migration of IT infrastructures to new technological models, creates significant opportunities, but also several concerns about security management. On the other hand, organizations invest in advanced protection technologies for their networks and data from external threats. However, in practice and in most cases, it has been proven that human actions and mistakes are probably the gravest threats. Those who have malicious and criminal activity online, take advantage of the vulnerabilities created constantly by human user mistakes, in order to hack business networks and steal important data and money.

Also, in-house IT and risk management professionals, as well as the whole of special executives, integrators and digital security solution providers, have to spearhead the defense mechanisms against online risks, by suggesting, implementing and supporting existing technologies in the best possible ways.

So, we can all realize how critical the human factor is, in the management of challenges for digital security, where in combination with technological resources, its effect can be either positive or negative.

In other words, we are the human element of cybersecurity, in a complex technological ecosystem!

The 10th Infocom Security will once more cover a wide range of subjects about Digital Security and Data Protection, and will once more be the largest annual summit for people in this industry and this sector in general, from Greece and abroad.

Security Workshops

During the 9th Infocom Security, parallel workshops will take place, offering techniques and practical presentations by specialists about information security issue

Sponsor companies’ expo

During the 10th Infocom Security -like every year- there will be an expo for sponsor companies, giving visitors the opportunity to get in touch with businesses active in the country, in the sector of information security services and solutions, in order to stay informed face-to-face about all developments in this area, as well as their own activities.

A top summit for IT professionals

The InfoCom Security Conference, organized by Smart Press, and supported by the “IT Security Professional” and “InfoCom” magazines, is now the top annual event for information security in Greece. Since 2011, it has been charting a rising course, mirrored by numbers and attendance statistics, as well as the overall recognition by this industry, the scientific and technology community of IT professionals.

The 2019 event attracted more than 2.200 visitors and was supported by more than 50 sponsor companies, covering a wide range of subjects on information security, through 15 main presentations and 25 parallel-running workshops, that took place.

Every year, the conference’s participants include CTOs, CIOs, IT Managers, IT Administrators, IT Security Managers, IT Auditors, etc., from major companies and organizations in the public and private sectors, covering the total of vertical markets. IT professionals who specialize in project implementation and solution provision, as well as many academics, scientists and researchers, also participate.

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